Photo test: discover the top 5 tests for 2020 popular with digital readers

As 2020 has just ended with a very busy photo news and a lot of new things, we wanted to know which photo tests our readers liked the most, here are the results.

If the tests are as exciting as they are divisive, the reader does not always conform to the trend followed by the media world or pushed by the various manufacturers.This beginning of the year 2021 is for us the opportunity to know which photo tests have been the most read on Les Numériques in 2020 and to achieve a small top 5! Of course, some references that we evaluated at the beginning of the year are mechanically advantageous, but it is not a question of electing an absolute winner; indeed, the cameras present in this classification are all different and respond to distinct needs.

Sony's Alpha 7C (A7C) is the most popular

Finally, it is the "small" full-frame hybrid from Sony which climbs to the first step of the podium.The Alpha 7C (A7C) is positioned as a sort of compact Alpha 7 III (A7 III).the manufacturer who seems to seduce the crowds with this small size.In second place, we find the EOS R6 of Canon, which confirms the expectation of the market for a new hybrid device designed by the leader of the sector.Nearly, it is the Alpha 7S III (A7S III) from Sony, specialized in video, which takes third place in the ranking of the most viewed 2020 photo tests.

Fujifilm brings up the rear

The last two places in our top 5 are the compact expert X100V and the APS-C X-T4 hybrid from Fujifilm.Here again, the popularity gap between the two devices hangs in the pocket.he absence of Nikon in this quinté winner, which only arrives in sixth position with its excellent D780 reflex.

Posted Date: 2021-01-18

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