Leica SL2 S: a stabilized hybrid versatile in both stills and videos

The Leica SL2 S is a hybrid camera equipped with a 24x36 stabilized sensor of 24 megapixels.A camera claiming to be versatile, it is displayed at 4500 €, an “accessible” price for the German firm.

In the fall of 2019, Leica presented a new hybrid with high-end characteristics in an L mount.The SL2, equipped with a stabilized 47.3 Mpx full-frame sensor, could, among other things, film up to 5K, housed a very defined, a double SD UHS-II slot, a mode capable of capturing pictures at 187 Mpx, etc.In short, a case in tune with the times which came to compete with the references of the time, the Sony Alpha 7R IV (A7R IV), Panasonic Lumix S1R and Nikon Z7.Remains that with a price approaching € 6,000, the German device was much more expensive than its Japanese rivals.

Leica SL2: getting started with a hybrid with stabilization and 187 Mpx mode

On the eve of the opening of the Salon de la photo, Leica unveils its 24x36 SL2 hybrid.Much more than an evolution of the SL, the camera sports ...

A versatile case

A year later, Leica is back with a slightly wiser camera, the SL2 S.On the outside, nothing seems to have changed and you have to look under the mount to know a difference, as the SL2 S swaps the 24x36 sensor.of 47 Mpx against a new, still stabilized (BSI CMOS), of 24 Mpx.This is the only real novelty of the SL2 S.Otherwise, it uses exactly the same case as its predecessor.A device with sober lines, certified IP54 and therefore tropicalized, equipped with a viewfinder of 5.76 million points (120 fps), a touch screen, an HDMI socket, a small control monitor and the dual SD USH-II slot .With this new sensor, the multishot mode goes from 187 to 96 Mpx.Concretely, the camera combines eight files to take a very defined photo.The sensitivity of the sensor goes natively from 100 to 100,000 ISO and maybe even down to ISO 50 in extended mode.

Posted Date: 2020-12-14

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